“Once upon a time…”

I fell in love with fatherhood sort to say & I never grew out of being a child it seems, this gave me the perfect balance to genuinely want to play with my children as much as I can! After all, one of the many benefits of having kids of your own is becoming a […]

“Pet Please?”

Today, Daddysdo will venture into the inevitable pet argument we all have with our kids at some point. Should we give in and get them a furry little friend? Kids get excited when they go to a friend’s house and find a dog or cat. They’ll likely race home and start pleading with you about […]


Here’s our latest hot topic: sleepovers. I am not a fan, however, my wife think they’re important for the development and growth of a young child. Our children are not at that age yet, so we still have a few years before coming to a ruling. My wife says a sleepover provides a young teenager […]

“Dads are heroes”

Daddysdo appreciates and cherishes mothers so much for all they do. But today, I’d like to give a shout out to some unsung heroes that we should all be grateful for: dads. It shouldn’t be taken for granted when a father goes above and beyond the call of duty for their kids. Fathers spend most […]

“No men in nurseries”

I noticed something the other day as I picked up my child from nursery: the teachers were female and the administration was female. With the exception of the guard, all I saw at the school were females. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how nurturing and loving women are to our kids, but it […]

“The jealousy factor”

So here is a situation each and every one of us  face; a family of 3 worrying  joyously for the arrival of their second. I would keep asking myself; how will the eldest take it? Will we give the second equal attention? Are we spoiling one or both to keep the peace? It’s a delicate […]

“No phone baba!”

You might look at the title of this post and think it’s about telling my kids not to stay on phones for too long. In fact, it’s the opposite. The other day, right before my child and I started a book together, I checked my phone to read a message I received. My child scolded […]

“P.S; You Rock!”

Good day mums & dads! I wrote in my last article about our wives complaining from time to time on how we dont help much with the children, and I tried to  God and nature have instilled something special within you and you should always be proud of yourself, even if your family momentarily forgets […]

“My husband doesn’t do anything!”

I often hear my wife telling me “You don’t do anything with the kids” and yup, I am also sure that this conversation takes place around and about every play date, but you know what? I also hear other mamas telling my wife that your husband does more than ours do. So you see, I […]