Meet DaddysDo!

Hi there! Welcome to Daddysdo, a blog written from a dad’s perspective.  You’ve probably come across many mum blogs over the years and I thought it was time we heard from a father. We need all the help we can get so I want to share my stories in the hopes that I get some great advice and feedback from mums and dads.

I want to shed some light on a father’s perspective so mums can get to know our take on parenthood. While we do deal with many of the same issues as mothers, I’m sure you’d all agree with me that fathers face unique situations that leave us unsure, uncertain, and hoping our wives can take care of it instead.  Fathers also don’t confide in one another like mums do. That ends today, dads and mums!

I’d like to know the right thing to say to my child at the right time (or even just the right thing at the wrong time, I’m not picky), and I’m sure opening up this forum is going to introduce me to a lot of interesting methods, guidance, and hopefully, some dad jokes along the way.

We’ll be on Instagram and Facebook releasing the latest article topics, which will include everything from pets, to jealousy between siblings, and the modern role of a father. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments or even any tips to making this blog beneficial for all us parents.

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