“Nobody wants to play with me!”

One of the hardest things parents face is hearing their child is having trouble making friends and not being able to do anything about it. Sure, you could talk to them, teach them to stand up for themselves, and not care what other people think. But it sucks! You probably think your child is the funniest, coolest kid out there and to know others don’t share that sentiment can make your heart ache.

What if your child was fibbing? Maybe they have lots of friends and they love school but just say things like that at the breakfast table for some attention? How are we supposed to deal with that?

First of all, we never outright accuse our kids of lying. You never know, right? They could be telling the truth but hiding their feelings about school because they momentarily forgot their issues or they’re hopeful for a new day of making friends.

I like to remind my child that we create our own energy, which means even if he or she was not saying the truth, they’d know they were creating the wrong kind of energy within the household itself. But if it is true, I truly believe that by staying upbeat, playing on their own, and creating their own fun, they’re putting out the right kind of spirit that will bounce back in no time.

What do you think? Has your child ever brought up this topic with you? What would you tell them if it was true? And what if they are only seeking attention from you?

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