“My husband doesn’t do anything!”

I often hear my wife telling me “You don’t do anything with the kids” and yup, I am also sure that this conversation takes place around and about every play date, but you know what? I also hear other mamas telling my wife that your husband does more than ours do. So you see, I am a father who enjoyed changing pampers, enjoyed giving my kids showers  and actually enjoys playing with my kids. So mums and dads, if you allow me, I would like to be the middle person here.

There aren’t enough hours in the day, right? Especially when it comes to us spending time  with our kids. We already have to go into the office and spend many precious hours away from our families in order to provide for them financially. While that’s definitely an important role, it does mean we get home around the same time our kids are getting ready for bed. What’s a dad to do?

You see in every situation there needs to be some kind of compromise, so if I am out of the house early morning before school and back home late at night, I could go an entire day without seeing my children, and so mamas, don’t you think it’s ok if sometimes you extend sleeping time just a teeny-weeny bit? And when we do manage to find some time for playing and hanging out, mamas find a million things wrong with it, from “be careful” to “don’t let them do that” or “don’t get them dirty” and other similar warnings. We can get frustrated with the lack of trust our wives have in us. We try our best to give on the weekends, and we do, I mean we are with you the whole weekend, no?

Wouldn’t you rather your children’s relationship with their father was unique only to them? Don’t you want to share responsibilities with your partner in raising your children? It’s hard to let go, I understand, but I think trusting your partner will ultimately strengthen your entire familial bond.

And yes we know that some mamas work as much as we do and you still manage to be a 24/7 mother, but hold on and read my next article about that in the coming few days.

What do you guys think? Should mums let go and let their husbands have complete control when spending time with their kids without interfering? Or do fathers need that interference to ensure a safe and happy playtime?

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