“P.S; You Rock!”

Good day mums & dads!

I wrote in my last article about our wives complaining from time to time on how we dont help much with the children, and I tried to 

God and nature have instilled something special within you and you should always be proud of yourself, even if your family momentarily forgets to acknowledge that, which is something I am guilty of doing myself! We don’t thank you enough for everything you do. You are superheroes; you take care of the kids, you manage the household, and in most cases, you manage to hold down a full time job. It’s amazing that you’re able to do all these things while we struggle to create some time for our family and work. We might not say this often, but we appreciate you!

Life tends to wash  time, it tends to hide our emotions somewhere deep, and tends to make us function like robots!

So dads, let’s take some time today to show them how much we thank them, let’s go out and buy them flowers, let us take out the kids for an outing alone so that they can get some alone time, and let us remember to express our gratitude every now and then.

If you’re a mum reading this; YOU ROCK!

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