“No phone baba!”

You might look at the title of this post and think it’s about telling my kids not to stay on phones for too long. In fact, it’s the opposite. The other day, right before my child and I started a book together, I checked my phone to read a message I received. My child scolded me and said, “no phone Baba”. At first I was speechless, then I thought “Wow!”

My kid didn’t want my phone interfering with our reading time and it made me realise that even kids want us to “disconnect”. They realise that screen time for parents is taking away from quality time together. The reason they’re not being read to or talked to is because of our phones and they want to put a stop to this. There should be an allotted time period where no one in the family is allowed to be on a screen; I feel this would bring us all closer together and give each other a healthy amount of time and energy.

We all have strict rules in our homes for screen time with the little ones, we fail to realise we need those boundaries too as adults and that we actually set an example. We can’t help but answer when the phone rings or check when we get a notification; I’m going to try putting this distracting device in another room so I’m not tempted.

I urge you to click on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ae0tzVo8Fw  to see this beautiful commercial from Thailand. I saw it a few years ago, and the message is just powerful!

How do you handle screen time in your household? Do you have certain rules for yourself to disconnect? Do you believe our children are taking after us, but we don’t realise it?

We all need to “disconnect to connect”!


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