“No men in nurseries”

I noticed something the other day as I picked up my child from nursery: the teachers were female and the administration was female. With the exception of the guard, all I saw at the school were females. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how nurturing and loving women are to our kids, but it would be refreshing to see a man teaching at preschools. Young boys and girls could see that it’s completely natural for men to also have a soft and sensitive side and it might benefit kids that don’t have a permanent father figure at home. I know plenty of guys that are great with their kids or nephews and nieces but would never dream of applying for an early educator position even if that’s where their true interest lies.

I guess locally, this is the equivalent to female taxi drivers; nonexistent! It’s just not common.  These roles have been decided on for decades and far be it for me to challenge something that’s been working for so long. I just wanted to know everyone’s thoughts on this: should we see more diversity in nursery teachers? Would you worry about your toddler being looked after by a man or is it an idea worth promoting?



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