“Dads are heroes”

Daddysdo appreciates and cherishes mothers so much for all they do. But today, I’d like to give a shout out to some unsung heroes that we should all be grateful for: dads. It shouldn’t be taken for granted when a father goes above and beyond the call of duty for their kids. Fathers spend most of their time stressing about how they can provide the very best for their kids, and that includes me. As we all know, some actions speak louder than words and this is an appreciation post for one father’s actions that has continuously inspired me to no end.

I have a friend that’s been faced with extremely difficult circumstances: his wife had to leave the country (not because of a breakup, just extenuating circumstances) and he had to step up and raise his two children all on his own. This father didn’t let his health problems get in the way of being there for his children, studying with them, taking them to school and social functions, and working full time. He’s been waking up everyday at 5 AM for the past 3 years to keep up with this life and it hasn’t been getting any easier. His wife still can’t reenter the country and there are days when my friend is hospitalized due to his ailments.

When you see how his kids act and behave, you’d never think there were no disturbances in their lives; This man is one of my heroes and I find myself wondering how I can be a better partner and father to my children because of him.

Do you think you could do it? Be a father that raises two kids without his wife or domestic help, keep a full time job, and attempt to care for yourself during an illness?


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