“Pet Please?”

Today, Daddysdo will venture into the inevitable pet argument we all have with our kids at some point. Should we give in and get them a furry little friend?

Kids get excited when they go to a friend’s house and find a dog or cat. They’ll likely race home and start pleading with you about getting a pet of their own. My recommendation is to start them off with a goldfish, hamster, bird, or turtle. You’ll be able to teach them how to take care of living creatures, no matter their size. If you find that your child is checking up on the little critter every day and ensuring they have their food and water, that’s a good sign they’re pet ready.

I personally love the idea of pets since it gives my children a sense of compassion and an idea of what it’s like to be responsible for something. If we teach them these little things from a young age, I’m sure it’s instilling some kind of lesson for the future. Make sure your child knows that this pet is theirs and theirs alone. The cat or dog will expect some special attention and one on one time.

How did you solve the pet situation in your household? Did you give in? And what happens when you realize your child isn’t taking care of the pet and the responsibility is on you now?

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