Here’s our latest hot topic: sleepovers. I am not a fan, however, my wife think they’re important for the development and growth of a young child. Our children are not at that age yet, so we still have a few years before coming to a ruling. My wife says a sleepover provides a young teenager with a learning experience through a night of harmless fun. My concerns however are: 1. The parents aren’t there, 2. What if their harmless fun isn’t so harmless?

My wife assures me that by the time our children are at “sleepover age”, we’d have met their friends and their parents so we won’t have much to worry about. I’m a parent, I’ll always worry! I guess eventually I’ll have to trust that my kids know what’s right and wrong, and I just have to let go. I also have to trust that if something bad did happen, they would feel safe telling me and their mom about it.

I’d love to know your opinions mums and dads! Do you let your children go to sleep overs? What’s your household’s “sleepover age”? Would siblings change your decision? What if you’ve never met the parents? So many questions, so little time! (Actually, I have some time don’t worry about it).

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