“Do we get to decide if they should pierce their ears?”

People tell me I am easy going. Actually, the most important person to judge; my wife, says I’m easy going. But I do have to admit that the dictatorship in me came out in the topic of ear piercings !

My wife and I are in the midst of an argument right now and here is why !

I asked my wife not to pierce my daughter’s ears when she was born because I think that A. It doesn’t look nice on babies, especially new borns, and B. It’s my daughter’s choice! We of course had a mini argument at the time, but we just had a baby and so she let it go !

6 years down the line my daughter wants one now. My wife is actually really upset about it, and please let me know if you agree here .

My wife says that this is a female thing and that there are just some things that dads should not have an opinion about. My daughter is going to be in a lot of pain now if she does it and it will traumatize her and that the probabilities were that she was going to ask for it anyway !

Would love to know your opinion mums and dads! Should I have let her pierce her ears when she was born? Feeling guilty…

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