“Once upon a time…”

I fell in love with fatherhood sort to say & I never grew out of being a child it seems, this gave me the perfect balance to genuinely want to play with my children as much as I can! After all, one of the many benefits of having kids of your own is becoming a child yourself for some minutes a day! You can play with sand, you can go on slides, well, the list never ends!

So I am hoping by now that readers know that this blog is not about airing disagreements with my wife. We have similar values, after all, that’s part of the reason you end up marrying someone. 

But as all relationships we have our disagreements and fears in raising our children, and that’s what I love about this platform; it gives us all as both parents a chance to weigh in, provide access to new information and perspectives. 

And along the way, I share with you simple things I do that put a smile on my children!

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